The Japanese cast and crew visited the Art and Experience Cinema Group.


Tasnim: The Japanese cast and crew of the Miracle of Bonasan visited the screening of this movie in Art and Experience Cinema Group during the International Fajr Film Festival and were welcomed by the head of this cinema group who praised the main message of this movie. 

Dr. Shizuko Tsuya, the main character of the movie, shared her happiness to witness this screening and expressed her hope that many more people around the world would watch the movie and receive its message, especially now that our world is experiencing turmoil.

“I am from a country that is known to be victimized by war” said Asakura Noriyuki, the composer of the movie and continued “and I admire all efforts to share this movie with people”. Ms. Riko Kondo from MOCT, said that we need mutual understanding in order to build peace.

Ahmadzadeh, the director and producer, said that although our nations are geographically distanced, they found each other’s hearts through this movie. “Regardless of our cultural differences, we all have the same purpose which is peace” he stated and continued “And my goal is that people who watch the movie end up asking themselves: what is my miracle?”.