Habib Ahmadzadeh

Producer , Director

Born in February 22, 1963 in Abadan1, Habib Ahmadzadeh is the director and producer of the Miracle of Bonasan. He received his Ph.D. in art research from Tarbiat Modarres University2 and he has a M.A. in dramatic literature from Honar University 3. One of his main fields of activity is the Resistance art and literature and he has written several books and screenplays in this area.

Ahmadzadeh is the author of three books, titled Chess with the Doomsday Machine; A City Under Siege: Tales of the Iran-Iraq War and Code 24 or otherwise known as How Was the Blind Owl Created 4. He is also the screenwriter of The Last 50 Steps; The Night Bus 5 (with Kiumars Pourahmad); Talking with Sāye [a shadow] 6 (with Khosrow Sinaei); The Tripple Narratives: First Episode (with Parviz Sheikhtadi); The Tripple Narratives: Second Episode (with Abdolhassan Barzideh); and the screenwriter consultant for the Glass Agency. Ahmadzadeh has directed three documentaries; The Last Arrow of Arash; The Live Wave and The Outstanding Statute in the World. He has written articles such as Who Killed Mohammad (About the life and death of Mohammad Masoud); This Is How to Catch Terrorists, Not Useless Conquer and Destruction of Two Countries; And A Letter to Capitan Will C. Rogers 7.

Ahmadzadeh has been awarded with or been nominated for several prizes. The Jury’s Special Crystal Simorgh award of Fajr Film Festival (2012), Honor Diploma of Cinema Verite Festival (2012) and third place award in documentary category of the Holy Defense National Festival (2013) for the Outstanding Statute in the World; Iranian House of Cinema Award for the best screenplay for The Night Bus; Third place for Writing Forge literature award for A Short Letter to Sa’ad Family; Shahid Ghanipour award in story and novel category for Chess with the Doomsday Machine; And the 20 Years Best Books of The Holy Defense for The City Under Siege are among his achievements. The City Under Siege and Chess with the Doomsday Machine have been translated to other languages.

While working with the Tehran Peace Museum, Ahmadzadeh met Dr. Tsuya and MOCT and got familiar with their work, and later established Iran - Hiroshima Friendship film festival using this connection. His seed idea to produce a movie about Dr. Tsuya and appreciate her work especially with Iranian survivors of chemical weapons, was faced with three conditions by Dr. Tsuya and then transformed to the Miracle of Bonasan.  This movie, previously known as “The Legend of A Thousand and One Days”, is a documentary-drama narrative about acting for peace and humanitarian efforts. 

1 a war affected city in Iran.
2 & 3 in Tehran, Iran.
4 The Blind Owl is the name of Sadegh Hedayat’s masterpiece.
5 Based on a short story from his book The City Under Siege
Sāye (meaning shadow) is Hedayat’s pen name
7 The American Navy Capitan who ordered the shoot on Iran Air Flight 655 in 1988.