The Miracle Of Bonasan

Movie description

Bonasan, the genie travels from the future to this day to share his life story with Sarah, a child hospitalized for being infected with COVID19. He tells her in her sleep that people in the future have exiled him from earth, punishing him for his malicious action, though he thinks he has only been doing what his masters have asked him to do. An angle responds to his plea for a second chance, but his chance is conditional. Bonasan has to go to Asakura, a musician and composer in Tokyo and convince him to create a music track that brings life and hope, inspired by the lives of three activists; Dr. Shizuku Tsuya from Japan, Parviz Parastoui from Iran and Professor Gerhard Freinlinger from Austria. Bonasan has no choice but to accept and this is the beginning of his troubles. Humankind’s sorrowful past can be a trap, destroying the present and future for some people. However, there exist some heroes who can transform the past tragedies to means for creating a better future. The Miracle of Bonasan aims to illustrate this journey from this nightmare to a dream.


Habib Ahmadzadeh


Zeinab Ahmadzadeh ∑ Habib Ahmadzadeh

Shizuko Tsuya ∑ Gerhard Freilinger ∑ Parviz Parastouei ∑ Noriuki Asakura ∑ Mahmoud Bonakdarnia

Noriuki Asakura

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