Screening at the Embassy of Japan in Tehran


Miracle of Bonasan was screened at the Embassy of Japan in Tehran with the presence of guests from Japan and Iran, including artists and Tehran Peace Museum’s survivors of chemical weapons. The movie was dubbed in Japanese with Persian subtitles. 

Prior to the screening, H.E. Kazutoshi Aikawa, ambassador of Japan in Iran welcomed the guests and said that he has heard about the innovative attractions of this movie through many channels including Iran’s ambassador in Tokyo. He added that it is a pleasure for him to screen this movie in the embassy for Iranian and Japanese guests so they can learn more about the horrific effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and chemical attacks against Iranians. “I am very glad that I watched this movie which is full of humanity and peace. A lot of information was transferred to me and other audience in a very innovative and artistic way. On the other hand, I was moved by all that human pain and suffering. As of now, all my efforts not only as a diplomat, but also as a human being would be for advancing this movie’s worldview and perspective in the world, and to assist its screening at all possible levels including in my country Japan.”

In addition to diplomats and Japanese guests present for the screening, some Iranian guests attended the event including Alireza ZarinDast (filmography), Farah Osouli (painter), Marzie Broumand (head of House of Cinema), Ahmad Moradpour, Danesh Eqbashavi, Hedayatollah Behboudi (Author),  Jafar Shiralinia (researcher), Mohammadreza Zoheiri (war veteran), Mohammadreza Taghipour Moghaddam (director of Tehran Peace Museum and war veteran), Hamid Gharedaghi and Hamidreza Jafarian from the Art House, physicians from Nikan hospital of Tehran, as well as some of the cast and crew of the Miracle of Bonasan such as Habib Ahmadzadeh (director and producer), Adel Memarnia and Mehrdad Afrasiabi (camera operators), Mahmoud Bonakdarnia (actor) and Zeinab Ahmadzadeh (screenwriter).