Mehrdad Jolokhani

Sound Department

Mehrdad Jolokhani is one of the most experienced heads of sound department in Iran. He started his career with cinema and he was the production sound mixer of the Rain Day movie in 2006 which provided him with the opportunity to work with some of the most professionals in Iranian film industry.

Jolokhani’s career in cinema and TV boomed in 2014 when he worked as the production sound mixer of 2 well-known TV series, Madina, and The Capital (III). These projects introduced him even more to the TV production teams as a skilled professional. The Capital III, directed by Sirous Moghaddam – a famous Iranian director- paved the way for his career and Jelokhani successfully worked with a prominent team including actors such as Mohsen Tanabandeh, Rima Raminfar and Alireza Khamseh which transformed his career.