Mehrdad Afrasiabi

Cameraman, Editor, Colorist

Born in 1980 in Fars province of Iran, Afrasiabi is the cameraman, editor, colorist and lighting technician of the Miracle of Bonasan.

Afrasiabi started working with camera when he was 12 years old, later he perused his passion professionally when he started studying in Film Directing in Art University. He was graduated in 2017 in Bushehr Azad University. He has also attended many trainings in editing and color correction. Afrasiabi has worked as a cameraman, director, lighting technician and editor in many films. Director of Photography for Nasookh and Hog short movies; Siraf’s Jewel and The book movies; Unfinished Secret and profile TV series; and A Mecca Man from Arbaeen, Salia and Pier 8 documentaries are among his works. He has also cooperated in other project in various capacities including as a colorist and editor in Faceless; Minus Me; Commotion and Handpicked.

Afrasiabi has been active in the cultural field as well. He has been a trainer in filmography in Borazjan Young Cinema Association, the art director of Insert magazine, and he has cooperated with 10th - 16th Students Happy Film Festival of Holy Defense.

Afrasiabi has been awarded with or has been nominated for awards. He was nominated for Shahid Avini Award in 14th International Film Festival of Cinema Verite for his documentary A Mecca Man from Arbaeen; nominated for the Best Art Figure Award of Boushehr; nominated for best filmography in Kerman Festival for his short movie Tafieh, and he was chosen for the third place for photography in Sama Festival.